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Jet fuel

Jet Fuel

Fuel for jet engines of RT brand is extracted by hydrotreating straight-run kerosene fractions with a boiling range of 135-280 ° C. It has quite ideal chemical and thermo-oxidative stability, sulfur content is low and almost complete absence of mercaptans. Jet fuel is used as a fuel for subsonic aircraft.

Jet fuel intended for use in all climatic regions, except for areas I and II (according to GOST 16350-80), is allowed to be produced at starting crystallization temperature t ° no higher than -50 ° C. PT fuel used in climatic regions I (cold) and II (arctic) should have a temperature of no more than -60 ° C. It can be used in climatic regions I and II (according to GOST 16350-80), RT fuel with starting crystallization temperature not higher than -50 ° C at ground air temperature not lower than 30 ° C within 24 hours prior to departure.