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Tea is a drink obtained by cooking, brewing and/or infusing a leaf of a tea bush, which is pre-prepared in a special way.

The raw material for making tea is the leaves of a tea bush, which is grown in large numbers on special plantations. A warm climate is necessary to grow this plant with a sufficient amount of moisture, not stagnant at the roots. Most tea plantations are located on mountain slopes in areas with a tropical or subtropical climate. In China, India and Africa, where the largest tea amount is produced, the collection is performed up to four times a year. The most valuable are the teas of the first two yields.

The need for manual assembly limits the possibilities of tea cultivation: it makes sense only in regions with quite high productivity and quite low cost of hand labor of collectors.

African. The largest production is in Kenya (which is, in different years, the third or fourth tea producer in the world), and tea is also produced in Uganda, Burundi, Cameroon, Malawi, Mauritania, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, Zaire, Zimbabwe. African teas are only black, cut or granulated (CTC), of medium and low quality, with good extract and strong taste. European consumers meet with them, mainly in the blended teas, where they are mixed with Indian and/or Ceylon. High-quality varieties of Kenyan tea are distinguished in quality, not inferior to the best Assamese and Ceylon varieties.

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