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Condensed Milk

The technology of condensed milk preparation was patented on 19 August, 1856 by the American inventor Gail Borden, his goal was to come up with a way of long-term products storage. Experiments with milk were preceded by attempts to condense the juice, tea, meat.

The first factory for the condensed milk production in Russia appeared in Orenburg in 1881[2].

  • With the addition of sugar. The popular term “condensed milk” refers specifically to concentrated milk with the addition of sugar.
  • No addition of sugar. Such milk is usually called simply concentrated.
  • With the addition of chicory: it is produced from normalized cow’s milk, sugar, chicory. The taste is sweet, with a bitter taste and flavor of chicory with milk. Fat content – 7%.
  • With the addition of cocoa or coffee. Sweet condensed milk with the addition of cocoa or coffee is produced in Russia from the Soviet era under such names as “condensed milk with cocoa” and “coffee with condensed milk and sugar.” In the post-Soviet period, Russia also began to offer combined vegetable and dairy products (with the addition of vegetable oil and other ingredients) under the names “Condensed milk and coffee” and “Condensed milk and cocoa”.
  • Boiled condensed milk – a dense brown-yellow product with a taste of caramel, obtained by heat treatment of condensed milk. In the Soviet era, caramelized (boiled) condensed milk with sugar was not commercially produced, but was prepared at home by additional boiling of the usual condensed milk (directly in a can for a few, usually 2-3 hours)[6]. In the post-perestroika period, boiled condensed milk began to be produced industrially.
  • Boiling of sweet condensed milk with butter makes it possible to get sweets – milk iris.

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