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Corn Oil

Corn oil is a fat vegetable oil obtained from corn kernels.

Corn oil has a pleasant smell and taste. Color – is from light yellow to reddish-brown. Density at 10°C is 924 kg/m3, pour point is from -10 to -15°C, kinematic viscosity at 20°C is 60.6·10-6 m2/sec, refractive index (at 20°C): 1.471 – 1.473 . Iodine number is 117-123.

Corn oil is produced by pressing and extraction method from corn embryos, which constitute about 10% of the corn kernel weight.

Corn embryos, are a by-product of corn kernel processing in flour-and-cereals, food-concentrate and starch-treacle production. The presence of corn embryos in the products of these industries is undesirable, since the oil contained in it is hydrolyzed and oxidized, which causes deterioration in the quality of finished products: flour, starch, molasses, glucose, corn fodder, etc. The botanical oil content of corn embryos varies from 32 to 37%, in addition, the corn embryo contains about 18% of proteins, 8% of starch, 10% of sugar, 10% of mineral substances. More than 80% of the fat contained in corn kernels, about 20% of proteins and about 74% of mineral substances are concentrated in corn embryos.

Corn oil is divided into types and brands:

  • unrefined,
  • refined non- deodorized,
  • D brand refined deodorized (for the production of baby and diet food products)
  • P brand refined deodorized (for delivery to the retail network and to public catering establishments).

It is used for making various types of dough, bakery products, sauces, is also applied in baby food manufacture. The relatively high temperature of the smoke point makes corn oil suitable for frying. In medicine, it is used as an anti-sclerotic agent.

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Corn oil can be packaged from 0.5L plastic packaging to 50 liters or more.