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Egg Powder

Egg powder is a concentrated food product made from chicken eggs by drying the egg mass (white and yolk of an egg) together. Egg powder is stored longer than eggs.

In general, the egg powder is a good substitute for eggs. Its chemical composition is second to none of fresh eggs. The egg powder is actively used in the production of confectionery and meat semi-finished products. The egg powder can be bought in a usual store, but it should be stored dry.

The egg powder caloric content

The calorie content of the egg powder is 542 kcal per 100 g of product.

Composition and useful properties of the egg powder

The composition of egg powder includes water, proteins, fats and carbohydrates; moreover, more than 30% is fat.

On the nutritional value, 1 kg of eggs can be replaced with 280 grams of the egg powder.

Egg powder retains almost all the vitamins and minerals contained in the eggs. It preserves all its nutritional properties and vitamins A, D, B, B2, B12. It contains mineral substances: phosphorus, sulfur, iron, zinc.

Egg powder is useful for the skin, helps hair and nails strengthening and growth.

Our company offers wholesales of egg powder

Egg powder is packed in food packaging film.