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Alcohol (Vodka)

Vodka is a strong alcoholic beverage, a colorless water-alcohol solution with a characteristic taste and an alcoholic smell.
The process of vodka production involves the preparation of corrected water, the mixing of rectified ethyl alcohol from food raw materials with corrected water, the treatment of a water-alcohol solution with activated carbon or modified starch, its filtration, the introduction of ingredients, if they provided by the formulation, mixing, control filtering, bottling into consumer packaging and processing of finished products.
Vodka alcoholic content – is an indicator of the volume fraction of anhydrous rectified ethyl alcohol from food raw materials in vodka, expressed in percent. On vodka labels, the “degree” mark is used instead of the “percent” mark, which indicates exactly the “volumetric” alcoholic. The alcoholic content of vodka can be different: according to Russian standards 40-45, 50 or 56%, according to the legislation of the European Union – not less than 37.5%.
A special vodka – vodka with an alcohol content 40.0-45.0% with a specific flavor and mild taste, is obtained through the introduction of various ingredients.
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