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Commercial propane/butane mix

Commercial propane/butane mix

Amount of butanes and butylene, not more than 60%; mass fraction of hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans sulfur, % not more than 0.013%; volume fraction of liquid residue at 20 ° C, % not more than 1.6%.

Liquefied gases are stored in sealed containers since the evaporation of the liquid occurs even at 0 ° C. Propane-butane is heavier than air and, therefore, it is necessary to monitor the tightness of the equipment in order to avoid the formation of an explosive gas-air mixture. Commercial propane/butane mix is easily mixed with air and evenly burned. Due to uniform combustion, the heating elements do not form soot.

Liquefied petroleum gases are transported by road, water and rail transport in accordance with the rules for the transport of dangerous goods.

Main gas used in everyday life and for refueling vehicles is propane-butane technical mixture.