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Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is a vegetable oil derived from the seeds of oilseed varieties of oil sunflower. The most common type of vegetable oil is in Russia and Ukraine, which is leading in its production in the world. The evolution of sunflower as a cultural plant took place in the Russian Empire [2]. The beginning of the industrial processing of sunflower as an oilseed crop is related to the name of Daniil Bokarev. In 1829 he invented a method of oil obtaining from sunflower seeds. Four years later in 1833 in the settlement of Alekseevka, Voronezh province (now Belgorod region), Papushin, a merchant, with the assistance of Bokaryov, built the first Russian oil pressing factory. In 1834, Bokarev opened his own oil mill. In 1835, the oil export o abroad began. By 1860, there were about 160 oil mills in Alekseyevka.

Raw sunflower oil has a pleasant smell and taste. Density at 10°C is 920-927 kg/m3, pour point ranges from -16 to -19°C, flash point in the closed crucible is not lower than 180°C, the point of the smoking temperature is 232 °C [3], the kinematic viscosity at 20°C is 60.6.10-6 m2/s, but is not a Newtonian fluid (Deborah’s number is about 0.5). The iodine number is 119-136, the hydroxyl number is 2-10.6.

There are the following types of unrefined sunflower crude oil:

  • Press oil (so-called cold pressing)
  • Extracted

These oils are produced at oil extraction plants

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Sunflower oil can be packaged in plastic packaging from 0.5L up to 50 liters.