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Milk Powder

Dry milk – is a soluble powder obtained by drying normalized pasteurized cow’s milk. Usually it is diluted in warm water and used as a drink, while retaining many useful properties of fresh pasteurized milk. It has a wide application in cooking. It is part of many types of infant formula.

The production of dried milk is due to the longer shelf life of this product compared to conventional milk. There is also instant milk powder.

With proper preparation, the formulation retains most of the vitamins and almost all the mineral components. 100 grams contains (in parentheses – the content in fresh milk):

  • vitamin A in the amount of 0.013 mg (0.02 mg);
  • vitamin B1 in the amount of 0.01 mg (0.04 mg);
  • vitamin B2 – 0.02 mg (0.15 mg);
  • vitamin C – 0.4 mg (1.3 mg).
  • It is not surprising that it can be used as a substitution for fresh one. Dry milk is useful because it fills the body with energy, calcium and vitamins, it is easy to digest and weakly affects the general reaction of the digestive tract. Reconstituted milk can be drunk by people with diabetes and gastrointestinal diseases.
  • In addition, the vitamin B12 in its composition is necessary for those who voluntarily refuse to eat meat.
  • The obvious useful properties of dry milk are also evident due to the fact that the preparation of a drink with its use does not require boiling: when condensed and dried, it has pasteurization, which destroys various bacteria.

Our company offers wholesale of milk powder. Dry milk is packed in sacks or food cellophane.