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Cocoa bean & Cocoa powder

Cocoa beans – almond-shaped seeds contained in the fruit (pod) of a chocolate tree (Theobroma cacao). This is a source for the cocoa powder and cocoa butter production, which is used for chocolate production.

Cocoa beans benefits.
Cocoa beans and cocoa powder contains a lot of very useful substances. One of them is epicatechin. It reduces the incidence of common diseases – stroke, heart attack – myocardium, cancer and diabetes almost by 10 times. Another element – cocohil – promotes skin cells growth, thereby healing and smoothing wounds and wrinkles. In addition, organic cocoa contains adrenaline, which gives a sense of euphoria, arginine – a natural aphrodisiac, tryptophan – a natural antidepressant, magnesium and sulfur. Thanks to magnesium, cocoa helps the heart to work more effectively – to pump blood, reduce blood pressure, help build strong bones, and thanks to sulfur – improves the skin, hair and nails. It also reduces the level of glucose in the blood. In addition, live cocoa is also the best antioxidant. It contains the amount of antioxidants several times higher than the acai, blueberry and blackberry. By eating cocoa you become a happy, cheerful person with high immunity, a healthy heart and beautiful skin.
And by selling cocoa – beans and cocoa – powder wholesale – you become a supplier of happiness for many people!
The evergreen tree blooms and fructifies all year round. Yellow-green or red (depending on the variety) fruits reach 30 cm in length, their weight is about 500 grams. The flesh of the fruit contains about 50 cocoa beans. The tree begins to yield a yield a good harvest at the age of 12 years. The culture has been cultivated in Central America and Africa, Indonesia, Colombia, Malaysia and other regions.
There are three main types of cocoa beans that are used for the chocolate production in the world.
Criollo- is the most rare and fragrant variety of cocoa beans. Its unique and refined taste contains aromas of nuts, caramel, tobacco and vanilla. This variety of cocoa beans is rare due to its small yields and low resistance to disease. It is grown mainly in Central and South America.
Forastero – is the most common variety, which determines at the moment the taste of bitter chocolate. Subspecies of this variety have a simpler and stronger flavor in their majority, such as Amenolado. This variety of cocoa beans is the most common and accounts for 80% of the entire cocoa beans market. But this variety has subspecies such as Nacional or Arriba, which have an exquisite aroma and taste. This type of cocoa beans has been grown in South America and West Africa.
Trinitario – is a hybrid of Criollo and Forastero, which first has been obtained on the island of Trinidad in 1756. The crossing occurred after a large part of the Criollo trees died in 1727, and Forastero was planted in their place, which resulted in cross-pollination of these two varieties, and as a result, a variety with robustness and disease resistance from Forastero and exquisite taste and aroma from Criollo was obtained. Particularly valuable subspecies of this cocoa beans variety are the Venezuelan Rio Caribe and Carenero ones. The main region of this variety cultivation is Central and South America.

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