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Gasoline “Regular”

It is used as fuel for carburetor and injector engines, for the production of paraffin, for cleaning fabrics (dissolves fats), as a combustible material, as a solvent. The better the gasoline evaporates, the more complete the flammable mixture is formed, and as a result, the engine starts easier, the condensation of the fuel vapor is reduced in the cylinders, and therefore the oil is less diluted.

The properties also distinguished between summer gasoline and winter gasoline.

Gasoline “Premium”

Automobile unleaded gasoline “Premium Euro”, octane number not less: by motor method 85.3, according to the research method 95.3. It is a colorless flammable liquid. This gasoline is obtained during all possible processes, from associated gas and from heavy oil fractions.

Gasoline “Premium” has improved properties. Gasoline “Premium” belongs to “Extra” class and contains a minimum number of additives.