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Starch, being one of the products of photosynthesis, is widely spread in nature. For plants, it is a supply of nutrients and is contained mainly in fruits, seeds and tubers. The cereals grain is the most rich in starch: rice (up to 86%), wheat (up to 75%), corn (up to 72%), and potato tubers (up to 24%).

In the world, starch is most commonly used in the pulp and paper industry, amounting to millions of metric tons per year[6].

In the food industry, starch is used to produce glucose, molasses, ethanol, in the textile industry – for the processing of fabrics, in paper – as a filler. In addition, starch is a part of sausages, mayonnaise, ketchup and other products.

Modified starch is the main component of the wallpaper glue.

It is used in the pharmaceutical industry as a filler of tableted forms of medicines, some medicinal capsules.

Our company offers wholesale of corn and potato starch.