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Baby Dry Food

Our company offers wholesalers of breastmilk substitutes manufactured on an industrial basis in compliance with the relevant standards to meet the normal nutritional needs of infants aged from 3 to 18 month. We also offer Meat baby food for babies aged from 4-5 months to 1 -1.5 years old (beef, pork, chicken and turkey.


The wholesale of not ripened bananas. Bananas are delivered by sea and ocean vessels with the help of powerful refrigerated vessels that maintain an optimum temperature at which the fruit is stored in a “mature stage” throughout the entire temporary transportation.


Cocoa beans – almond-shaped seeds contained in the fruit (pod) of a chocolate tree (Theobroma cacao). This is a source for the cocoa powder and cocoa butter production, which is used for chocolate production. Our company offers wholesale of cocoa beans and cocoa powder from Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire and Cameroon with delivery anywhere in the world.


Coffee trees species: The most widespread coffee variety, arabica, grows at height from 900 to 2000 meters above sea level. Grains, as a rule, have an oblong shape, a smooth surface, a slightly curved S-shaped line, in which, after a light roasting, the unburned particles of the coffee berry remain.

Condensed Milk

Our company offers wholesale of condensed milk. The products are packed in tin cans 400gr, European tin cans 380g, Plastic packing 180g. The technology of condensed milk preparation was patented on 19 August, 1856 by the American inventor Gail Borden, his goal was to come up with a way of long-term products storage.

Corn Oil

Corn oil is a fat vegetable oil obtained from corn kernels.  Our company offers wholesale of corn oil. Corn oil can be packaged from 0.5L plastic packaging to 50 liters. Corn oil has a pleasant smell and taste. Color – is from light yellow to reddish-brown.

Egg Powder

Egg powder is a concentrated food product made from chicken eggs by drying the egg mass (white and yolk of an egg) together. Egg powder is stored longer than eggs.  Our company offers wholesales of egg powder. Egg powder is packed in food packaging film. On the nutritional value, 1 kg of eggs can be replaced with 280 grams of the egg powder.


Wheat flour is flour obtained from wheat grains, the most popular type of flour used for baking. Wheat baking flour is divided into granular flour, whole wheat flour, high, first and second grade. Our company offers wholesale of wheat and rye flour. The products are packed in paper bags or sacks.

Milk Powder

Dry milk – is a soluble powder obtained by drying normalized pasteurized cow’s milk. Usually it is diluted in warm water and used as a drink, while retaining many useful properties of fresh pasteurized milk. Our company offers wholesale of milk powder. Dry milk is packed in sacks or food cellophane.

Sesame Seeds

Species of the genus are found mainly in Africa. It is worth noting that sesame is both white and black. Each species has its own taste qualities. Our company offers sesame seeds wholesale. Products are packed in bags.


Starch, being one of the products of photosynthesis, is widely spread in nature. For plants, it is a supply of nutrients and is contained mainly in fruits, seeds and tubers. The cereals grain is the most rich in starch: rice (up to 86%), wheat (up to 75%), corn (up to 72%), and potato tubers (up to 24%). Our company offers wholesale of corn and potato starch.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is a vegetable oil derived from the seeds of oilseed varieties of oil sunflower. The most common type of vegetable oil is in Russia and Ukraine, which is leading in its production in the world.  These oils are produced at oil extraction plants. Our company offers wholesale of sunflower oil. Sunflower oil can be packaged in plastic packaging from 0.5L up to 50 liters or more.


Tea is a drink obtained by cooking, brewing and/or infusing a leaf of a tea bush, which is pre-prepared in a special way. Our company offers wholesale of tea in.

Alcohol (Vodka)

Vodka is a strong alcoholic beverage, a colorless water-alcohol solution with a characteristic taste and an alcoholic smell.  Our company offers high quality wines and vodka in assortment.


Mineral water – water, which contains dissolved salts, micro-elements, as well as some biologically active components. Our company offers carbonated and non-carbonated mineral waters in the assortment.